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Performer sign-up deadline is January 1, 10:00 p.m. Please review all performer requirements (link below) and if in agreement, proceed to the form submission to sign-up.

Highlights of performer requirements:

  • Any and all Vertical Fusion students are welcome to perform a solo--regardless of level! No experience necessary!

  • For those not yet ready for a solo can join one of our group numbers; details in the link below.

  • Must attend 16 classes during the 10 weeks prior to dress rehearsal. Private lessons can be done in lieu of classes; one 60-minute private lesson is equivalent to two classes. All classes and/or lessons must be completed at a Vertical Fusion studio, Boulder, Longmont, or Fort Collins.

  • Must comply with all safety and conduct standards.

  • Must sign media release.

  • Must pay performer fees ($40 for single performance; $20 each additional performance).

  • Must attend mandatory dress rehearsal on the Sunday before the show date.

  • Must be available the entire day of the show from 10:00 a.m. through the end of your assigned show(s).

  • New performers must attend a virtual orientation session.

  • Must download the Slack app and check it daily for important announcements and other communications.

  • Must comply with all requirements and deadlines.


There are a limited number of performer spots so be sure to turn in your agreement as soon as possible! After submitting your performer agreement, return to this page to pay your sign-up fee. Your performer agreement is null and void unless/until you have paid your sign-up fee. 

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