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Dania has five + years of aerial experience.  She recently started teaching aerial hoop (lyra) about a year ago and loves it! She has taken the Atmosphere Fitness aerial hoop levels 1 and 2 instructor training and would like to compete in lyra competitions one day. She was inspired to try the aerial arts with her friend who loves to try new things! Dania fell in love with the sport/artistry and the rest is history.

Vertical Fusion is the most supportive environment you can imagine and you can do whatever you put your mind to!!!!! All of the instructors are very open and welcoming and we will help you achieve your individual fitness/emotional/spiritual goals. The aerial community is a very supportive place where you don't have to be the best or do the hardest tricks or win competitions but the most important thing is that you keep on trying. Some of my most favorite performances or memories from class is when a student meets their own goal or surpasses themselves with their own determination, dedication, and creativity. My other favorite aerial memories are all of our showcases and retreats because they are so much fun and we have such a supportive sisterhood! (And brotherhood of course! We welcome and support our male counterparts wholeheartedly into the aerial world as well!)

You may not know that Dania was a synchronized swimmer and still coaches the sport today. Watch on the Olympics! It is an amazing and impressive sport!:)

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