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Rende began pole classes at Vertical Fusion, October, 2013. 


•   Received BFA Dance, Ballet and Modern, at Sam Houston State University, 1997

•   Completed First Comprehensive Pilates Program through apprenticeship, 1998-2000

•   Completed Second and Third Comprehensive Pilates Programs 2003-2007

•   Completed Franklin Method Movement Education 2010-2012

•   Currently teaching better Pilates through biomechanics and anatomy in Boulder County

•   Currently teaching Intro and Beginner Pole at Vertical Fusion since January, 2016


My friends showed me Jenyne Butterfly and told me they thought I would enjoy the challenge.  I contemplated it for a very long time before taking a class.  I knew that if I started dancing again, it would be a commitment and I wanted to make sure I was ready for it!


We are all on our own path.  We are all working to the best of our ability at this point in time.  We all have our own strengths and weaknesses.  In movement, there are valleys, peaks, and plateaus.  Not every day is the same as the day before.  Do not become discouraged in the valleys and plateaus, it is when we are growing the most.


I am a classically trained singer.  As a soprano, I performed many solos, duets, quartets and madrigals from composers such as Bach Brahms, Handel, Himmel, Motzart etc.  All the usual suspects!  I love singing really old music in various languages!  In high school, I lettered seven times in choir and held first chair soprano throughout school.


My favorite pole memory was during my first year with Christine, in Longmont.  She tied little bags of gold coin chocolates at the top of the poles on St. Patrick’s Day.  It was our job to climb to the top to find the bag of gold. 

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