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I took my first class ever (when VF was on Main St. in Longmont) in August 2012, but really got into it August 2013, when I started taking classes regularly. A year into my addiction (in August 2014), I started teaching at VF and can't imagine life without it!

       After dating my boyfriend for some time, I found out that his mom, Melanie, taught pole dance classes and was opening her own studio, Vertical Fusion. I thought it sounded interesting, so when she offered a Living Social deal, I dragged some friends to intro to see what it was all about. After attending the VF Cirque de Radiance show at the Dickens Opera House and seeing some jaw-dropping tricks, flows, and moves, I knew I had to go back and learn these crazy things myself! So I signed myself up for a Beginner Series and never looked back!

       I want every new student to know that there will be times you feel like a total rockstar and there will be times you feel like a goof, but never let that be a reason to keep you from dancing and being uniquely YOU.  Every person's pole journey is distinct. Some students struggle at first, others struggle later--you make loads of progress in one time period, flatline for a while, and pick up momentum again. When and how it happens is unique to each student. It took me **AGES** to get fan legs, fireman, and chair spin but once I started going to the studio regularly, I progressed rapidly. Then I flatlined, then I got better--it's a journey and sometimes you have to ride yours out to see where it's going to take you.  The amazing group of instructors and students at Vertical Fusion are the most loving and supportive men and women I've ever met in my life. After struggling so hard to get the basics, I never thought I could make it to where I am today and I'm excited to see where my pole journey is taking me next! I am so proud to be a part of this wonderful family and I welcome you to become a part of it, too!       
       One of my favorite pole memories is when I won Colorado Pole Championship 2016--but not because I won. The true reason this is my favorite memory is because of the love that I felt from my VF family in that moment. I could hear them all screaming and clapping from their seats. My mom caught a picture of me as I realized they were saying my name and my favorite part of the picture is the expression on the face of my VF pole sister and fellow competitor, Senna. I don't think I've ever seen someone so excited for another person's win as she was for mine. The feeling of love and support I felt from every one of my friends and family in the audience is permanently etched into my heart.

       A fun fact about myself: I really hate bananas.... I am known to blurt out "banana" randomly (or use their shape as cues during class), but this is more in relation to the minions of Despicable Me (I <3 animated movies) than to the fruit. I will eat them if I'm dying or they're a hint of a flavor in a smoothie for thickness, but I can't stand the texture or flavor. 

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